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About Me

" I believe every woman needs a balance in feeling beautiful not only with their body, but with their mind and spirit as well.  So I would love to share some beauty tips for the real woman that I have written... enjoy!" - Anissa

  • Beauty tip #1.  Spend more time building the size of your heart, and less time building the size of your wardrobe
  • Beauty tip #2.  Practice walking in sincerity before you practice walking in stilettos
  • Beauty tip #3.  focus on loving the colors of diversity, and less on the colors in your makeup bag
  • Beauty tip #4.  Take in plenty of fresh experiences, consume great amounts of tolerance, and stay active as a humanitarian
  • Beauty tip #5 .  Makeover your mind to see truth,  dress your heart in love, makeup with yourself, and always wear a pair of open arms
  • Beauty tip #6.   Concealing just masks over the problems, but a strong foundation is the key to a flawless heart
  • Beauty tip #7.  Dare to wear your heart on your sleeve
  • Beauty tip #8.  Beauty is not defined by the depth of your closet, but rather the depth of your mind

I am an Actress, dancer, artist, singer/songwriter, poet, model, and activist.  As a child, I began writing poetry, and by age eleven I wrote my first self taught song on the piano.  I continued to write songs throughout my teenage years, but never believed enough in who I was.  I went with the flow, and graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's degree in philosophy, still songwriting remained a constant passion.  My writings were solely my personal journal, and personal emotions that I thought only I  understood.  However, as time progressed I realized that what I write not only reflects universal feelings, but a deep truth that ironically, even teaches me.  Now, I reflect back and see that my music has been inspired by my life experiences...most of my songs were inspired by a loving yet painful relationship with my mother.  She passed away on April 23rd 2007.  Although my experiences with her were like day and was these hardships that taught me strength.

In 2004, I felt like there was something that I had never tried but always felt a calling to do. That is when I realized I had to dance.  I decided to take a hip hop dance class for fun at a local community college.  The instructor was also the owner of a local dance studio, and she quickly gave me a scholarship to dance at her studio. I began training in hip hop, jazz, and belly dancing. With less than 2 years of dance training under me, I began choreographing and teaching strip tease. My love for dance and the desire for moves that promote female empowerment led me to begin teaching this exciting, expressive, and liberating dance style.  Now I choreograph and teach at various dance studios in San Diego.  I have promoted my class on KUSI San Diego news station. I have performed with Weird Al Yankovic at the San Diego Fair, for various agencies, and for Telemundo television.

I am also very passionate about animal right, and I have been a vegan since 2004.  I know what it feels like to be suppressed, voiceless, vulnerable, and powerless.  So with this my compassion runs deep.  This is my first step toward contributing change.  I believe in change, and that it all begins as a single spark in the imagination. The most significant aspect that I have learned from writing is that I can only be who I am.  With this said, my existence resides in utilizing my creativity as an avenue for spreading truth, love, respect, and compassion to all creatures.

In 2014 I decided to pull all my creative talents together and pursue acting.  I moved to Los Angeles and have had featured roles in Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, and Straight outta Compton.